Why You Should Get Started with Instagram’s Business Profile?

Why You Should Get Started with Instagram’s Business Profile?

Recently, Instagram just started business profile feature. You can now access new features past week. Despite the lack of features available with business account on Instagram, when compared to profiles on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, it is important to switch to your business account when having the opportunity. Here’s how to change your own account into a business account and its benefits for your small business.

Switching to Business Account

You can open your app and click on profile icon on the bottom right to check your profile and find out if your account is lucky to access business profile. If this message is seen on the top of screen, you can switch to business profile.

To get started, click “Learn More” button and learn about the features of business profile.

Next up, connect your account with your Facebook page and profile. Update the contact information of your business, including phone number, email address and postal address. After finishing these steps, now you can officially switch to your Instagram business profile. If you can’t find any message at the top of profile, tap ‘gear’ button on the top and check out your profile options. Go to Account section. If you see “Switch to Business Profile” option, you can access your business profile.

Benefits of Instagram Business Profile

Get Found by Audience

Before Instagram business profiles come out, the only way to engage with the business out of platform was clicking their website link. Once you provide contact details for your account, it will show a contact button in your profile. They simply need to hit that button and select whether they want to call you, email you or find your store.

Access Analytics

Instagram is among the leading social networks to launch analytics tools. You can just monitor analytics with paid or free third-party tool. The analytics tools for Instagram business account, also known as Insights, are not robust, but they are also convenient to get quick insight on how your content is working.

You can get overall insight of your posts by checking out your profile and choosing Insights option on the top of screen. On Insights section, you can check out analytics for reach, impressions, and follower details in past week. It will also show analytics for separate posts after switching to your business profile. In the past 7 days, your top posts are shown next.

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Ads on Instagram

With the help of Instagram business account, ad creation has become whole lot easier. One can create ads only with advertising tools in Facebook before business profile feature was launched. Today, you can promote your post just by clicking on it and choosing Promote. You can choose text for “CTA” button, pick specific audience, set your plan and budget, and choose the timeline for ads to run.

Pick Business Profile to Get Noticed

The whole new algorithm is going to chance on seeing the content you post. You can truly beat the odds by upgrading your existing account to business profile.

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